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Engaging and Realistic

The Women in the Castle - Jessica Shattuck

I received this book free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

This book was a great read from the start. The character jump right off the page with there realism and actions as well as their descriptions. Marianne is the sweet leader of everyone and she is married to her exact opposite. A man who is a perfectionist and contemplates everything while missing the daily activities. The countess is a women after my own heart with her bossiness and risky parties. throughout the story you will meet many other women, children and men who again follow this realistic pattern. The sentence structure was easy to read aloud as well as kept you from stumbling over words. It varied from long complex sentences to short simple ones. I love the imagery of the castle during the rain storm and how it described each feature such as desks and chairs. I will be lending this book to my grandmother to read. I think anyone could easily fall in love with this book. The Rough cut edges are by far my favorite part about this book, had it been hard cover, I would easily mistake it for an older book and one of maybe a time before this one. I can add this to my list of well written, highly thought out and simply amazing to my list of books I could not put down.